Are we seeing the light?

Government invites public input to form a marine policy for Ireland

The launch this month of Our Ocean Wealth – Towards an Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland, has been welcomed across maritime circles. In a tightly choreographed move, this is the first time an Irish government has sought public opinion to feed into a long overdue integrated marine policy for Ireland, set to launch in mid summer.
Commenting in the foreword, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny throws his weight behind the new initiative declaring that ‘for too long our maritime resources have been a blind spot in our national focus. Whether we are from urban, rural or coastal communities we all have a real interest in the social, cultural and economic impact of our coasts and seas’.

He added he wants to see Ireland ‘reconnect to the sea in a way that harnesses the ideas, innovation and knowledge of all our people, at home and abroad. I want to see us setting out to secure for ourselves and our children the social, cultural and economic benefits that our marine assets can deliver’.

Exclusive interview  with Gery Flynn at Inshore Ireland
The marine and freshwater environment publication

See the official site HERE

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