the right place at the right time

There’s something about fly fishing in the sea, maybe its something about fly fishing or maybe its just plain bass fishing. Combining fly fishing with the pursuit of bass has done it for me. Picking up a fly rod and a few flies and going to the sea to try to catch them, well the fish already have the advantage before I even get out the door. That’s what I like about it, they have the upper hand, the high ground, they have a chance.

bass fishing on the fly

There’s nothing ‘superior’ about the method – a good friend calls it  ‘lawww deee dawww’ bass fishing, I like that! In the end like everything in bass fishing its down to you. The technique, the method, the when and the where. Fly fishing for bass requires more from you as an angler than any other method, no big deal, you either like it or you don’t.

The requirements for good fly fishing are exactly the same for lure fishing – good casting, good presentation, right choice of ‘bait’, right choice of gear, location decisions, timing, presence, awareness, watercraft……….

So where’s the more? Maybe in fact its more often a less…….

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