Casting – SH on the coast

Single Hand fly casting on the coast PI

This is a course designed for beginner to intermediate fly fishers looking to learn about fly casting for saltwater species in Ireland and the unique requirements needed. We look at and break down the bare basics of fly casting and slowly build into the saltwater casting requirements. Attendees will leave this class feeling more confident about their saltwater fly casting, they will have a better sense of how to build into a single and double haul, dealing with wind and an intro to special saltwater equipment.

Topics Will Include:

  • The Casting Loop – Size & Shape
  • Loop Control and formation
  • The casting stroke and It’s relation to fly line length
  • Line speed
  • Speed, Power & Tempo
  • Single haul
  • Intro to the double haul
  • Dealing with wind
  • Accommodating the line tray


Times – evenings 18:30 – 21:30 May to September please use the contact form here to reserve a place at anytime (limited to two people)

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