Sand smelt by Brian Healy today. A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

The full version of the presentation – nice to meet some people on Saturday and thanks for the support – this is the full version of the slide show with the details Bass fishing in ireland   View more presentations from jimhendrick   A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

Steve and I have shared a few e-mails over the past few years I opened this one from Steve this morning. ___________________________________________________________________ Hi Jim, Hope all is well in Ireland. Do you remember last year I asked you about catching Gilthead Bream on the RA Pop. As you was so helpful I thought I’d give you a little update on how my season panned out!. Firstly I never managed a Gilthead although… Read More

Soft and Fluffy – Why do bass choose to eat strange things? I will be making a short presentation at the Hooked Live show on Saturday morning March the 10th. Thanks to Mark I can squeeze in some time and discuss with you some of the experiences I have had over the years with both soft baits and saltwater flies whilst bass fishing. This is not a ‘how to’ presentation but rather… Read More

Whilst on the way to fishing yesterday with Ken, high in the sky I heard and then saw a skylark, what a sound and what a day to be out in good company. The workshop season has gotten of to a flying start in the last few days and it never ceases to amaze me as to the people who are interested in bass fishing. I have been visited by the guys… Read More

“I’m sorry we dont have any GPS units in stock” said the assistant.A neutrino goes into a chandlery and asks for a GPS unit A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

Sunday February 19th Landing Gear Rod: G-Loomis crosscurrent #7 – Hardy Zane #8 Line: Guideline Coastal #7 floating and #8 Intermediate Reel: Danielsson LW 6/9 Leader: Modified Rio tapered trout and Airflo polyleaders intermediate Fly: Small flatwing – lavender and grey A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim