The first of the swifts of summer arrived in Wexford this morning, about ten days later than I first recorded them in 2009. Alan pictured above jumped, slipped, slithered, walked, fell, splashed, boated, drove, casted and casted all along the Wexford coast over the past three days. We found loads of clear water, deep water, brown water, current, breaking waves, shallow sunny sheltered coves and sandy estuaries. The fishing remained very difficult…. Read More

On a wet and cold Wednesday afternoon A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

A silver day VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

I enjoyed a brilliant day today with Kevin Cronin, polar explorer and sailor – we went south out of the influence of the persistent north easterlies Kevin and the other brave Polar team adventurers can be seen here Landing Gear today Rod: Illex element rider 220MReel: Shimano twin powerLine: Sunline monster 8 kgLeader: Rio Fluoroflex 7 kgsLure: Illex I-Shad – Illex Gambit jig head Sunshine, ‘secret’ locations and blue skies lead us… Read More

During 2007, 2008, 2009 the Jet Stream has been at an abnormally low latitude across the UK, lying closer to the English Channel, around 50°N rather than its more usual north of Scotland latitude of around 60°N. However, between 1979 and 2001, it has been found that the position of the jet stream has been moving northward at a rate of 2.01 kilometres (1.25 mi) per year across the Northern Hemisphere. Source Wikipedia… Read More

Sometimes somethings just fall into place A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

Hi Jim, I just came across your advert for a salt water angler on the inland fisheries website. As I am a lover of fly fishing myself, I thought I’d offer the use of my music in your short film if you would be interested. I compose minimalist piano pieces that go very with film. They are mostly inspired by the lakes and rivers of the west of Ireland. Conor Walsh

Bass will follow your fly and lure many times without taking. How many times this happens when we don’t see the phenomenon we can only guess. On the rare occasion when we are lucky enough to witness the behaviour its very exciting and interesting. The fish follows for a short period and then suddenly veers away at speed. The fish has seen you – Action – lower your profile, check your clothing… Read More