Sometimes somethings just fall into place A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

Hi Jim, I just came across your advert for a salt water angler on the inland fisheries website. As I am a lover of fly fishing myself, I thought I’d offer the use of my music in your short film if you would be interested. I compose minimalist piano pieces that go very with film. They are mostly inspired by the lakes and rivers of the west of Ireland. Conor Walsh

Bass will follow your fly and lure many times without taking. How many times this happens when we don’t see the phenomenon we can only guess. On the rare occasion when we are lucky enough to witness the behaviour its very exciting and interesting. The fish follows for a short period and then suddenly veers away at speed. The fish has seen you – Action – lower your profile, check your clothing… Read More

Fishing with bass flies bought from a shop can provide good results for the fly angler. Working with somebody like Brian Healy who can realise your specific requirements adds a dimension that’s simply not available anywhere else. Hence a degree of uniqueness and quality is added to the mix.   Tying the bucktail deceiver  third in the sequence above (hollow style– from B.Popovic) in a range of densities simply allows the creation… Read More

Thanks to bassfishingcork for the mention on your site – bendy rods for 2012, Jim. A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim

Having spent a few pleasant days working this week its noticeably cool but very nice out there. Winds have blown consistently from a Northerly direction since late March and after a little exceptional weather in the latter days of the month during which we caught some fish things are ‘Spring’ slow here in Wexford. Water conditions are crystal clear with only a few indications of shrimp, sandeel and immature flounder showing but… Read More

Angling tourism can be developed through: provision and presentation of information using state of the art technology; increased public access to angling; development of a broader outdoor tourism portfolio; the clustering of businesses and co-operative competition; and community land ownership Angling tourism needs to be developed sustainably, maintaining a balance between ‘development’ and environmental and social management factors.From fishing for Answers the final report. Fishing for Answers summarises the key findings from… Read More

20082009201020112012 I’m into the fifth year of this website, and my tenth season working at guiding for bass starts today. My customer is Jerome Caparros from France and we will only tentatively attempt bass on the fly today . Wishing you all a happy Easter – A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim