Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things. Isaac Newton Considering the options on the best line for bass fishing? With the current almost endless availability of options weights and technical designs it can become a difficult decision. I was recently working with a friend who is beginning to saltwater fly fish and inevitably the question came around to choosing the best line. … Read More

Blue white deceiver – St Helens Wexford. During a run of fish both day and night (Fish ran all day with moving water) the blue and white deceiver was simply unbelievable for many weeks through to September. I learned so much over a three week period, in hindsight its difficult to remember a run of fly caught fish like it since. Yes there have been days, and odd weeks no doubt but… Read More

  If you’re looking for accessible versatile and quality saltwater flyfishing equipment then look no further, ECHOFLYFISHING continue to successfully provide them all. Speaking for myself, I’m continuously happy with the rods I own both in the EPR the 3S and indeed the TI range. I seldom comment about gear but I’ve said this before see HERE from 2012 – these rods are ideal for the Irish angler looking to dip his toes… Read More

– It will be rain tonight. – Let it come down. William Shakespeare – Macbeth The weather can recreate both the world and indeed ourselves. But is it the change in ourselves because of weather that often brings us closer to the fish? William my brother and many other friends experienced amazing bass fishing this morning. The opportunity we saw some days ago was realised through the accumulated experience within ourselves, both… Read More

Coastal Connections Conversations & Flyfishing – Jim Hendrick

The building anticipation is heightened considerably both by the approaching weather systems and also by the fact I have holidays from Friday.

Hard, hot light by ten a.m., windows ricocheting sun, concrete incandescent, even blacktop white. No day to stay in the city. Tackle chosen, we drive south and west, right angles giving way to round, to hills that fall away to sea, the highway here a line along a ragged edge, order eroding into mystery. A half moon cove no wider than two homes, its tide near flood, sun overhead. We rig, hoist… Read More

Making a good presentation by ‘casting backwards’ is an essential skill – especially on the open coast. For a right-hander faced with the prevailing south westerlies its the best way to safely make good casts.