The joy of being on the coast, the anticipation discovered again.

Low tide lessons – where and when I learn most about the fish

IRISH GOVERNMENT SAY THEY WILL NOT RESCIND THE LICENCE ISSUED FOR HARVESTING NATIVE KELP IN BANTRY. Deirdre Fitzgerald Bantry, Ireland 9 MAY 2017 — This evening our Government and FG Minister Simon Coveney, Dept of Housing said they will NOT rescind the licence issued BioAtlantis to harvest 1860 acres of native kelp in Bantry Bay. They have ignored the 4,000 people who signed the petition, they have ignored the concerns of people whose… Read More

Every year I return to the same places where I have always fished for bass. I find these places changed in different ways since I have last fished there, or ever fished there. The same is different and is new again. For a long while there have been a few constants, the wind, the tide, the fish and of course the Danielsson.