A new adventure begins – Fuji X-T2  

Continued illegal aspects of bass fishing in Ireland – one anglers words.

Paul Hendricks and Colin McCarthy tour northern Michigan to rock climb, surf, fish, kayak and define what Your Place means. Hendricks writes, “We all have that place. A stretch of river, a mountain lake, an ocean flat which we call ours. Not because we own it or have any sort of right to lay claim to it. It became ours because it gives us more than we can give it. We find… Read More

THIRTYARDS – From Jim Hendrick
Bassfishing on Saltwater Fly – Wexford and Ireland

Life is full of holes and gaps and tracts of personal possibilities

September light and anticipation, never leaves my system. I can try again this autumn.

1994 Presentation to Rhody Fly Rodders – By Ken Abrames