Yesterday I worked with two great guys through an Intro to Lure Fishing for Bass Workshop. Its been more than three years since I’ve completed any work like this and during the day a lot of the memories I have of former years both of experiences and people came flooding right back. One of the best feelings I still have today, from and about these past workshops, is that I still get… Read More

Life is full of holes and gaps and tracts of personal possibilities

September light and anticipation, never leaves my system. I can try again this autumn.

1994 Presentation to Rhody Fly Rodders – By Ken Abrames

Source – Peter O’Connell – The Clare Champion Clare is being “poorly served” by the tourism industry, according to Kilkee-based business man and tourism consultant Cillian Murphy, while he believes the county should strive to attract fewer tourists but more bed nights. Mr Murphy has also suggested that the county is not benefiting sufficiently from the more than one million annual visitors to the Cliffs of Moher, with thousands of tourists arriving… Read More

There are times when the things you see you sometimes doubt they are actually happening. I’ve seen a lot of things when bass fishing but today’s events were a little new to me. I stood at the edge of a reef with white water breaking in front of me, waves running maybe to a metre high, a little off from crystal clear. The wind was gusting five to six and at times… Read More

GUIDING – Its always about the most important things like people, its also considerably more valuable than your own success. As a guide its a given that by default you have angling skills.