I thought of walking round and round a space Utterly empty, utterly a source Where the decked chestnut tree had lost its place In our front hedge above the wallflowers. The white chips jumped and jumped and skited high. I heard the hatchet’s differentiated Accurate cut, the crack, the sigh And collapse of what luxuriated Through the shocked tips and wreckage of it all. Deep-planted and long gone, my coeval Chestnut from… Read More

somethings are more important than others

The Cortland Striped Bass Blitz is a modern streamer line for targeting all kinds of coastal predators – for instance sea trout or sea bass. It has an innovative design that allows extremely efficient casting, even when facing strong wind. Therefore, it will maximise the time that your fly spends in the water, which makes your fishing way more effective. Its truly outstanding casting performance is based on a very compact head… Read More

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Elaborately constructed with off-the-shelf materials like wood, PVC piping, and sheets of fabric, Jansen’s large and fantastical-looking strandbeesten walk through the sand as if moving under their own volition. In fact they’re wind-powered kinetic sculptures, articulated in such a way as to make their movements look wholly organic.

Once again a big thanks to Julien LaJournade and Voyages De Peches magazine. Click on Image to view magazine article

“Then the golden hourWill tick its lastAnd the flame will go down in the flower. A briefer length of moonWill mark the sea-line and the yellow dune. Then we may think of this, yetThere will be something forgottenAnd something we should forget.” Arna Bontemps