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Shore guiding

Guided services on saltwater fly for bass

Please note: – Guiding services remain closed for 2018 – Workshops for saltwater fly fishing are available on request

Fishing in wild places is always an exciting thing to do. Combining that anticipation with the challenge of saltwater fly (light lure fishing when we have to) on the wild coast of Ireland is what the Coastal Guiding service is about. Find yourself guided into a coastal landscape of endless possibilities and angling potential, combine this with the incorporation of the Leave No Trace ethos into your experience and then this complete package presents a real opportunity to escape and to adventure in the freedom of Secret Coastal Ireland.

Guided angling groups are deliberately kept small, never more than two people and the fishing can take place over a min of three full days or more (with two nights under the stars optional). Fully bespoke options are always available for your guided service. All tackle can be included if we deem it necessary including  a unique hand tied range of  Irish saltwater flies designed for these locations. All transport to and from the venues including airport transfer is arranged and our fixed accommodations are approved, practical clean and strategically located, often nestled at the shoreline.

  • Trek and Fish This option involves us undertaking an angling adventure with a two night stay under the stars before we return on afternoon three to ‘civilisation’ for a wash, scrub up and a nice local meal, relaxing in anticipation of our last day fishing together. For the more adventurous angler this means we are more immersed in our fishing taking the opportunity to fish perhaps more intensely and to remain connected to the coast on a more personal level. Our gear is state of the art including Hilleberg Akto, Patagonia and Sea to summit to keep us safe and warm. Rate – 650.00 euros
  • Single guided day (one night) Wexford This single guided day offers the angler a quick introduction to bass fishing on the Wexford coast. We will synchronise our fishing over either two tide sets or a single six hour session. Limited to two people and one night stay in Wexford is necessary.
  • Coastal Destinations – Three Day four night guided getaway to secret Ireland – Coming soon

The schedules and plans are completely flexible and applicable to different and wider individual bespoke requirements. 

The Service

My international guiding season starts On June 01st and ends on October 31st.  Prior to this time there are some fish to be had, but experience has thought me that the fishing this early is simply too unpredictable to recommend that customers travel from International destinations to fish.

Guiding and fishing is carried out on optimal tides only and hence the guiding service has a very short and limited season. I do not guide from the shore on a Saturday or Sunday.

The International guiding service operates on an optimal tidal weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday) or on a three day basis. Any single day guiding requests are allocated to a specific week or based on availability – generally the first week in August only, also on an optimal tidal sequence.

I strongly encourage a C+R approach to our fishing.

The Influences to bear in mind in Ireland

Fly fishing for bass is not easy – a high level of casting and physical ability at the coast is required

As we regularly encounter challenges with weather and date allocations almost on a day by day basis I will advise single day customers 5 days in advance of expected conditions for their allocated date. Put back dates due to poor weather conditions for a single guided day will be allocated to a week in September.

The Atlantic Ocean plays the dominant part in our weather, insulating us from the temperature extremes that can be experienced in other European countries. Our position on the Northwest of Europe places us in the path of Atlantic low-pressure systems hence we are subject to a lot of cloudy overcast, humid and often very wet and windy days. This in turn impacts significantly on our fishing. But don’t despair, its not all doom and gloom!

The sunniest months of the year occur during late spring and early summer and the southeast of the country gets the most sunshine, often up to 6 or seven hours a day during early summer. Air temperatures reach between 18 and 20 degrees C during the summer and average around 8 degrees C during winter. We live in a temperate climate that is heavily influenced by the North Atlantic drift; in fact our seas are considerably warmer than average global temperatures at similar positions. Winter water temperatures along the coast fall to as low as 8 degrees but by August and September they are at their warmest and are as high as 15 degrees C so its a very pleasant angling environment.

September October and early November are favorites.